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security solutions for banks & financial institutions

exceeding the most strigent industry safety standards

We're honored to be one of the few select companies that meet the strict safety and security requirements of financial institutions. Our personable, expert security consultants will help you build a security system that meets or exceeds industry standards, while assisting you in staying ahead of the technological advances in your profession.

Your customers trust you to keep their money safe. We help you reinforce that trust with the best security solutions. Take advantage of our wide range of integrated alarms, access control systems, and anti-theft products to protect your institution from internal and external threats. Allied's state-of-the-art surveillance is backed by a national service network for immediate incident detection and fast response times.

With nearly 70 years of banking security success, our specialists are ready to create a custom, proven security plan exclusively for your business.

Learn more about our financial security services:

  • Integrated Security Alarms

  • Financial Access Control

  • Managed Access Control

  • High Security Locks

  • Pneumatic Tube Systems

  • Financial Fire Alarms

  • Bullet Resistant Products

  • Financial Alarm Monitoring

  • Digital Video Surveillance

  • Vaults & Depositories

  • Under Counter Steel

  • 24/7 Service

  • Service Agreements & Annual Maintenance

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